Top Crystal Floor Lamp

Crystal floor lamp – Today I want to help you decorate your home with lighting. What does this mean? Well, it means that the equipment not only serves to illuminate! If you choose the right lamp becomes part of your home decor in a simple way! Meet several types of existing equipment and the possibility [...]

Beauty Diy Mason jar Light Fixture

Diy mason jar light fixture, Create your own decorative light courtyard garden and conservatory with a glass bottle and a bricklayer crafts few. Craft stores sell glass jars for canning purposes, but you can also recycle used a mason jar from the pantry to the lights. Mason jars are not only glass jars working; recycle [...]

Cordless Lamps Design

Cordless lamps have different functions (light traffic areas, creating environments, getting a uniform aesthetic) and offer various (portable, wireless, solar) benefits. Choose one or the other solution depends on the outcome you seek, the role of light and the conditions of your space. Cordless lamps with adhesive on its back are also a perfect resource [...]

Best Led Ceiling Light Fixtures

Led ceiling light fixtures recessed lights, many recessed lighting and recessed as shown in multiple types of light sources are used. Technically lamp is currently the best “to pour.” led recessed this means that the led lamp is part of the armature. A big disadvantage is that the light source is not to replace separate [...]

Globe Pendant Light Bathroom Outdoor

Globe pendant light – Globe hanging lamps are easy to make, and create your own can be cheaper to buy a manufactured light. You do not need to have an existing light fitting to create your own hanging lamp and, once you have the right supplies, you can have your new lamp into operation within [...]

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over Mirror pool

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Over Mirror-When we build or renovate every room in the house deserves special attention in accordance with the functionality and comfort that it will offer. In the case of bathrooms, these two points are crucial, as well as in other environments, can reflect the personality users: the taste for art, something more [...]

Antique mercury glass lamp

The mercury glass lamp fluorescent offer homeowners many benefits. Being more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps save money because they consume less energy. Choosing energy-efficient models, the owners ensure that the lamps will last at least 6,000 hours. Regardless of these benefits, some concerns about the level of mercury in fluorescent lamps and [...]

Beauty Diy Mason jar Pendant Light

When diy Mason jar pendant light were invented in 1858, they were used exclusively for canning or preserving fruits and vegetables at home. Mason jars have made a comeback in recent years as a multipurpose power at home. A functional use is so charming, hanging lights. Save electricity and make their own hanging mason jar [...]

Image of Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Converting an accessory ceiling pendant light conversion kit to a receptacle is as simple as removing a few screws and make a connection wiring basic electric. You can use the same electrical cables that feed the reservoir that feeds the lamp. In many cases, you may even be able to mount the receptacle in the [...]

Adara Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps

Stained glass lamps are frequently used in the decor and the beauty of the illustrations with the functionality of a lamp. In the 20th century, a line of stained glass lamps are introduced by the Tiffany Company. While a manufacturer may claim are selling a lamp “Tiffany” is often a lamp made in the style [...]